The Eclipse Dog

August 21st, 2017. The day of the solar eclipse, visible across the entire contiguous United States – an event that hadn’t occurred since June 8th, 1918. A momentous day for me. Not because it was the very first and probably the only total solar eclipse I would ever observe in my entire lifetime, but because on this glorious day, I was finally going to meet and take home a special dog named Parto.

I, along with my family, commuted a 3-hour drive up to Vancouver, B.C. where I would pick up my special rescue dog at the Vancouver International Airport at approximately 6:32pm.


First picture I took of Parto while still in her crate and before she stepped out onto Canadian soil.

After what felt like ages waiting at the arrivals pick-up, a creamy yellow crate carted by a tall man wheels into the waiting area, towards the exit. He parks the cart just before the doors and my dad goes to thank him while my mother and I greet the passengers who kindly volunteered to accompany Parto on her flight.

Enthusiastic exchanges were made, hugs and kisses were given along with a box of chocolates for the charitable volunteers. We exchanged contact numbers and promised a reunion someday in the future. We said our goodbyes and head on our way back home, one pack member stronger.

It’s a funny thing to fall in love with a dog almost 7,000 miles across the ocean, in a country I’ve never been to, in a shelter I’ve never visited, cared for by angels I’ve never met.

After 6 months of patient, but anxious waiting, I finally have my special girl home.

Thank you Vafa Animal Shelter.


My dad keeping a tight lead on her. While she was still recovering from sedatives, she was still very eager to learn about her surroundings.


Parto while still in Iran, getting ready to board her flight at Tehran-IKIA.


The beautiful angels who volunteered to bring Parto home! I am the one with the stupid smile on my face (bottom right and far right on the top left as well).